King Konga

King Konga


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Full set up

My full 15+ piece percussion set up includes:
– Meinl Fibercraft congas & bongos
– Sabian cymbals
– Meinl mini Timbales
– Treeworks Marktree (chimes)
– Tambourines, clave and shakers


Bongo set up

I also regularly play a compact set up which requires an area of just 1m (wide) by 1.3m (deep). This includes bongos, cymbals, woodblocks, cowbell and agogo bells, tambourines and shakers. This is a great option for events where space is limited.

Travel set up

King Konga - Roland handsonic

As well as playing acoustic percussion, I also play an electronic percussion instrument which enables me to play 400 drum and percussion sounds from one unit! 

This is a great option for international events and events where space is tight or parking is not available.

Solo DJ Percussion

Introducing the new solo DJ & Percussion package! 

The package includes DJ service interspersed with live percussion throughout the night.

The set up includes: PA system, full silver sparkle percussion set up, spectacular stage AND dance floor lighting, PLUS the roaming djembe drum.

Everything you need to get the party started and keep your guests dancing through the night.


Deluxe Lighting Package:  Includes FOUR spectacular freestanding dynamic LED stick lights plus percussion lighting. Watch the videos below to see examples of the lighting displays possible. The lighting can be personalised to your event and your taste (e.g. if you have a particular colour theme etc). Alongside my signature silver sparkle congas, the new deluxe stage lighting rig really adds the wow factor! 

Sound and PA options

For solo shows I am able to provide my own professional PA systems.

I have a number of flexible PA options to suit all occasions and room sizes. The speakers can be used independently or in combination and enable me to provide music in multiple locations if required. All of the speakers also have preset EQs specifically designed for speech, ensuring announcements and speeches are crystal clear.

For all events I provide my own microphones, mixing desk, in-ear monitors, and cables to connect to the DJ or sound engineer’s mixer using any kind of standard connector (xlr, jack, RCA/phono).

Drinks reception percussion

Space Requirements

  • Compact percussion set up = 1m wide by 1.5m deep
  • Compact percussion set up with small PA = 2m wide by 1.5m deep
  • Full percussion set up = 2m wide by 2m deep
  • DJ percussion set up (including PA, DJ equipment and lighting) = 4m wide by 3m deep

If playing with a DJ, I need to be within 15m of them and will need to plug into one of the channels on their mixing desk.

I need to set up within 10m of a plug socket. 

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Insured by Insure4Music

Peace of mind

All my equipment is PAT tested and insured. I have public liability and professional indemnity cover for up to £1 million


I have recently added an electronic percussion instrument to my set up which enables me to play 400 drum and percussion sounds from one unit! 

This is a great option for international gigs  as it is much more portable than the acoustic set up but allows me to recreate the sound of all the instrument in my acoustic set up and many more!!

Additional acoustic percussion can also be hired for international events.